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We fulfill your dreams
Wherever you want.

If your dream is to hold the wedding in a certain place, in Robles we make it possible. Our team will be able to give you advise on the choice of the perfect site giving you the possibility to select among a wide variety of spaces. We will do whatever is possible to host you in the place that you want.



From small to large farms and ranches, you can celebrate your wedding with us in enclaves such as La Pintada, Montelirio, Los Molinos del Maestre, La Cabaña or Los Angeles.


Palace Houses and

Enjoy the magic of celebrating your wedding in the city’s most emblematic places. Exclusive areas with the guarantee of our services. Casa Guardiola, Peyré or Villa Luisa.


Robles Bodas
at your disposal anywhere.

If your idea is to get married in any other area, or city, we will do whatever is possible to serve you wherever you wish. Robles’s human, technical and logistic capacity is prepared for this, regardless of the location and the number of guests.